Monday, May 23, 2016

Picture Yourself in Door County

A beautiful orchard backdrop on loan from the Door County Visitors Bureau, a few “Picture Yourself in Door County” selfie-station frames and the enthusiasm of veteran Challenge Walk MS participants Ann and Dave Freigang, Laurie Baerwolf and Loretta Herreman helped generate extra interest in Challenge Walk at Walk MS events in Milwaukee, Madison and Sheboygan. 

Thanks to the volunteer ambassadors, as well as all the Challenge Walk participants who made a point of being part of Walk MS, too! Here are just a few we spotted:

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Tell Your Story

Every Challenge Walk MS walker and Super Crew member gets a participant page on the Challenge Walk MS website. It's where you can fundraise and track donations, and where people can leave comments for you. 

Be sure to personalize both your page AND your team’s page. Change out the photo provided with one of your own. Incorporate your own story of why you're signed up for Challenge Walk MS. Studies show that making it your own can help increase your fundraising success. 

Need help writing your story? Call 262-369-4400 or 800-242-3358 or email and someone from the Wisconsin Chapter can assist you.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

She’s the Queen of Volunteers and Transporter of Socks

Diane Hackbarth (right) sparkles in her tiara with Challenge Walk MS
participant Cindy LeBlanc at the 2015 event.
Diane Hackbarth has been a familiar face at Challenge WalkMS since 2010. A long-time Walk MS participant, she added the three-day, 50-mile event to her annual schedule out of dedication to her daughter, who was diagnosed with MS 10 years ago.

Hackbarth was unofficially crowned as the “Queen of Volunteers and Transporter of Socks” at this year’s Challenge Walk in recognition of the amount of volunteer work she does for the National MS Society. In addition to leading the Walk MS: Sheboygan committee and helping throughout the weekend at Challenge Walk each year, she crosses state lines to participate in Bike MS: Twin Cities. 

At Challenge Walk itself, Hackbarth helps out in a number of ways, including transporting the walkers’ half-day bags (which often contain a fresh pair of socks) to and from the lunch stop each day.

What is it about Challenge Walk that keeps her coming back?

“It’s all about the people,” Hackbarth said. “I’ve met so many wonderful people from all over the state, all over the country. It’s a vacation to come here and spend time with them again.

“I do this because 10 years ago my daughter was diagnosed with MS and I found out that MS is stronger than a mom’s kiss – I couldn’t kiss it and make it better,” she added. “So I volunteer to raise money for the people who can [make it better], and they’re doing wonderful work. As long as they’re making progress, I’ll keep volunteering.”

Friday, November 13, 2015

Ask the NP

Challenge Walk MS 2015 participant Jay Saunders recently shared his story about being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis through the Ask the NP blog.

Thanks, Jay, for raising MS awareness!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

They Kept Me Going

See that hat in the middle? It has seen close to 500 miles, touring with its owner, Heather Schuster, for a ride to the bottom of the Grand Canyon in 2006 and accompanying her as she trained for Challenge Walk MS throughout 2015.

“That was the original hat that started it all,” explained Michelle Evans, who joined Schuster’s team, Not Fast – Just Furious.

Schuster’s sister, Summer Mark, joined too.

And so did their matching hats.

“I bought a new one for the walk and it ended up being a tiny bit too big. I thought, I’m putting the original back on,” said Schuster, who proudly showed off a hole forming near the brim – a sure sign of good use.

“I was diagnosed with MS in 2012 and I’m turning 50 this year and so it seemed like I should walk 50 miles,” Schuster explained. “Summer and Michelle, one sister by blood and one sister by choice, were willing to come along. I don’t think I would have done it without them to train with. It’s one thing to do it this weekend but it’s another thing to train every weekend. They kept me going.”

Summer Mark, Heather Schuster and Michelle Evans were three of 50
first-time participants at Challenge Walk MS 2015. They joined in honor of
Heather’s 50th birthday and, together, raised nearly $5,500.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Scare Up Some Ideas

Themed rest stops are part of the fun at Challenge Walk MS – and post-Halloween sales are a great time to get ideas for next year and stock up on supplies! Can you volunteer to host a rest stop in 2016? Contact Kristin at for details.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Registration Fee Increases Saturday

The 9th Anniversary Challenge Walk MS Special Offer expires today. Don't miss this last chance to sign up for next year's Challenge Walk MS for just $99. The fee returns to its regular price of $125 on Saturday.

Save $26! Sign up now.